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Trusted Copy Trader Around The Globe.

There shall be no upfront fees and no manual input required from you.

Pakdaf Fx
Automated Trading

Pakdaf FX is a leading automated Forex trading company that thrives on innovation and expertise. We merge advanced algorithms with in-depth market analysis to offer automated trading solutions that simplify the complexities of Forex trading. Our approach is rooted in empowering individuals, and helping them achieve their financial goals and dreams.
By joining our partner broker, ACY Securities, Pakdaf Fx offers you fully automated copy trading.
Your account will be connected to our master account at no up-front costs and copy our trades automatically. The lot size will be adjusted relative to your balance.
There shall be no upfront fees and no manual input required from you. You will only be charged 30% of the profits we make you.

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Our vision at Pakdaf FX is to be a global leader in automated Forex trading and financial education, setting new standards for innovation and customer-centric service. We aspire to create a platform that enables effortless access to the Forex market, leveraging automation to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in trading. Through comprehensive financial literacy initiatives, we seek to raise the level of financial understanding, bridging the gap between potential and success for investors worldwide.

Pakdaf FX is committed to revolutionizing the Forex trading landscape by providing accessible, automated trading solutions and fostering financial literacy. Our mission is to empower individuals, regardless of their experience or background, with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the Forex market. We aim to enhance financial independence, security, and opportunities for our clients, fostering a community of informed and confident traders.

Partner Broker

Our partner broker ACY Securities is regarded as one of the industry’s most trustworthy & reliable brokers. Create an account with our partner broker today and receive access to fully automated trading with Pakdaf FX.

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